Mini-cheesecakeCheesecake is one of the most famous recipes all over the world. You may prepare it baked or non-baked. The non-baked versions are absolutely my favourite. The cheesecake is quiet easy to make, and the results depends mainly on the quality of the ingredients you use.

The origin of cheesecake dates back to the ancients Greece, even though it become popular in the eighteen century in Europe, and then in America.

Cheesecake is usually prepared on a spring form pan, but my go to choice for this cheesecake is another. I use muffins tins to prepare “mini-cheesecakes”. They are perfect for banquets and feasts. Everyone gets his own cheesecake bites, with the favourite topping.

As we’re speaking about toppings, this is another amazing thing about the mini-cheesecakes 🙂  you may choose whatever topping you want, chocolate sauce, fruit sauce, caramel sauce, jam, fresh fruit, nuts and many more.

Mini-cheesecakeTime : 30 minutes

Makes : 20 mini-cheesecakes


  • 500 g mascarpone
  • 200 g greek yogurt or labneh
  • 200 ml cream (not sweet)
  • 200 g powdered sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 4g gelatine
  • 250 g integral cookies
  • 100 g butter


  1. Prepare a 24 cm spring form pan, or 20 muffins shapes with baking paper.
  2. Put the gelatine sheets in water, and let them stand at least 10 min.
  3. Melt the butter and put it aside.
  4. Put the cookies in a food processor and process until a fine crumb forms.
  5. Add the butter and mix.
  6. Put the mixer on the muffins tins and press it firmly.
  7. In a big bowl mix mascarpone with Greek yogurt (or labneh), 100 ml cream and 100 g powdered sugar and mix well with a hand mixer.
  8. Put the remaining 100 ml of cream and 100 g of powdered sugar in a small sauce pan and warm it in low heat.
  9. When the mixture is warm enough and the sugar is somehow melted and the gelatine sheets and mix well until dissolved.
  10. Pour this mixture into the mascarpone and yogurt mixture.
  11. Mix well and pour the cream into muffins tins.
  12. Put it in the fridge and let it sit for at least 5-6 hours.
  13. Bring it out few minutes before serving and serve with whatever topping you like.
  14. For the cheesecakes in the photos I’ve chosen raspberries, almond flakes, coconut flakes, chocolate buttons, strawberry stars, and small hearts made of sugar.

Enjoy making them and share some sweetness around <3

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