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My name is Ejona Varangu and I am a full time researcher in the telecommunication industry, and part time food blogger. I blog from a small apartment in Tirana, Albania, where I live with my better half and our two cats Weirdo and Pixel.

I started cooking in late 2013, when I decided to live alone, and I missed the great homemade dishes that my mum prepared, before that, I couldn’t even boil an egg by myself. Little by little I started experimenting with new ingredients and techniques and I loved every single minute of it.

Mandarina was born on 2015, as a way to keep digital notes (old style paper notes had proven to be unsuccessful) of my kitchen experiments and easily share them with my friends and family. At the beginning I didn’t consider it a proper blog, and never thought that people I don’t know would read and cook my recipes.

At Mandarina you’ll find easy recipes, made from-scratch, that you can make again and again. I believe in the power of good food, it not only tastes amazing, but can do well for our bodies, communities, and the world. I have always been fascinated by how food brings people together.

I do not follow a specific diet: paleo, vegan, plant-based, vegetarian, gluten-free, or otherwise, but I  try to eat healthy. I consume mostly plants : vegetables, grains and beans with occasional seafood or meat mixed in. I’m not calling Mandarina a vegetarian blog, since I may be inspired one day, and bring you a recipe that has meat, which hasn’t happened so far 🙂

Apart from cooking I enjoy hiking, running, biking and cuddling with my cats.

I hope you enjoy browsing Mandarina and get inspired to cook yourself.



P.S. You can contact me anytime by mail at mandarina.yum@gmail.com.

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