Whole wheat & ricotta peach galette

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetThis summer is so sunny and warm, I can only count 2-3 days of rain. That’s maybe the reason that peaches have been great and at a very low price. You may imagine the rest, I end up getting a basket of peaches every time I go to the farmers market.

Beyond being perfect to eat freshly picked, or in smoothies, they’re perfect for baking too. I prepared a peach galette with whole wheat crust and ricotta filling to celebrate summer blossom. It is wonderful the date it is baked and even better the day after. I use maple syrup to sweeten it. It gives a very nice caramel taste and is healthier too, but if you wish you may use brown sugar instead.

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Savoury zucchini bread

IMG_2102 (2)This savory zucchini bread was at first an experimental recipe. I wanted to prepare something savor for a bake sale at work. I kind of mixed whatever I had in the fridge and ended up with this beauty. To my surprise the result was wonderful and when I brought the cake at work everyone was asking me for the recipe. I tried hard to remember everything, wrote it down, baked it once again, took some photos and Voila 🙂

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Coconut popsicals

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I have tried to experiment with healthy ice creams lately. You may remember my Healthy Chocolate Ice Cream, which is really easy and healthy. Well now it’s time for an even easier recipe, Coconut Popsicles.

All you have to do is mix yogurt, coconut milk, natural sweeteners and desiccated coconut together. Pour it in Popsicle forms. Freeze and enjoy.

Time : 5 min + one night in the freezer

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Homemade oat milk

Oatmeal milkIf you’re a oatmeal lover like me you should definitely try oat milk. You’ll love it. The recipe is super simple, while the result is just wow. All you need to have is a blender, a fine sieve, and a large bowl.

The oat milk is sweet, grainy, and a little grassy the way a bowl of oatmeal would taste. I use it in coffee, smoothies, to make hot cocoa, or just warm a little bit add a bit of cinnamon and drink it as it is. I’ve read it may be used like normal milk in baked goods, puddings etc, but haven’t tried it yet.

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Coconut macaroons

macaroonsCrunchy on the outside, chewy in the middle, full of chocolate flavour, these coconut macaroons are irresistible.

I’ve done them so many times, because they’re so easy to make and everyone loves them. It’s one of the few recipes with which I’m happy and I’m not working to improve.

Good news for gluten intolerants, omit the all-purpose flour or replace it with rice flour and these cookies are immediately transformed in gluten free cookies.

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Peach and turmeric smoothie

IMG_1501 (2)You know, how early summer mornings change from “meh”, to “wow”? By enjoying this fresh summer smoothie, where peach is the star ingredient. Make sure to choose fresh and juicy peaches and get ready for a burst of flavours.

Apart from peaches, I added banana for sweetness and texture, oatmeal for fibres, chia for good fat and a pinch of turmeric for its anti-inflammatory effects. It is ready on few minutes and will keep you full till lunch. I find it just sweet enough and totally peach-y, but if you prefer it more sweet, add a little bit of honey or maple syrup.

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Best oatmeal blueberry muffins you have tried

IMG_1844Finally blueberry season is here, so I can unleash my fantasy and create whatever I want with these gorgeous little diamonds. We are very lucky to have wild blueberries here in Albania, which are a bit hard to find and expensive, but they’re totally worth every penny and effort.

I’m starting with a classic recipe, blueberry muffins, but not the average blueberry muffins, the best you have ever tried.

The secret to make them soooo good, is oatmeal, olive oil and a little bit of lemon zest. As most of my recipes these blueberry muffins are super easy to make 🙂

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Watermelon Agua Fresca

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Looking for a refreshing drink to cool down this summer? The answer is “watermelon agua fresca”, a dead simple recipe, made by blending watermelon with water, a bit of honey and lime juice.

The name means literally  “fresh water,” and is a popular drink in Mexico and throughout Central America. The secret to a great watermelon agua fresca is to use sweet, juicy watermelon.  You may spice it up with mint, or ginger, or transform it into watermelon cocktail just by adding a splash of Vodka.

Serves : 3-4 persons

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Super healthy chocolate ice-cream

Chocolate Ice CreamIce cream is the synonym of summer and also of high sugar content and plenty of calories. What if I say you that you can enjoy ice-cream without feeling guilty?

Yeah… I heard you: p “Too good to be true!”

Well, this ice-cream is made of fruit, cocoa and natural sweeteners.

Now, I have another question. Which is this one magic fruit that can be whipped into rich and silky ice cream, with no additional dairy, sweeteners (even though I always add a little bit of honey or maple syrup), or other ingredients? – Banana Continue reading