Banana and cocoa muffins

Chocolate Banana Muffins are rich, moist, and taste similar to a chocolate cupcake, but luckily they are on the healthier side, containing less sugar and fat. They are healthy enough for breakfast and good enough for dessert! Their biggest fan is my youngest sister, who pushed me to try them in the first place. What I like more about these muffins is that they taste better the next day. It’s like the flavours melt with each other and get more intense.

I make mine in a food processor, a trick I learnt from Kikiliciouss, and the bananas get perfectly smooth. In case you are willing to try more muffins recipes, click here, there is a very good variety from healthy to guilty treats.

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Butter Cookies – the perfect edible gift on any occasion

For me butter cookies are a labour of love. They require few ingredients and too much love and care to make. The recipe is very basic and is perfect for add-ons which may vary depending on your taste or what you have on hand for the moment. You may choose between citrus zest, almond extract, cinnamon, grounded nuts, sugar glaze, you may sandwich them with chocolate ganache or jam in between, or, if you’re chocolate obsessed like me you may dip them in melted dark chocolate.

Butter cookies are crispy and completely melt in your mouth. They make the perfect cookie to share and give as edible gifts! Make your own tin of sweet butter cookies with different shapes and flavours and share them with your loved ones.

For more cookie recipes please click here.

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Porridge – my favorite breakfast on cold days

Porridge is my ultimate obsession. I’ve had it for years at least 3 times a week. I know many of you would think “It’s boring”, but let me show you why it’s not.

Porridge is like a blank canvas where you can add whatever colors and flavors you like. It is the perfect breakfast, cheap, fast and easy to make, delicious and healthy.

It also keeps you fool since oats are full of fiber. And than comes the warmness that will make you smile on cold winter mornings.

I have tried plenty of toppings through the years : honey, seeds, raisins, fresh fruits, dry fruits, nuts, jam, poached egg, feta cheese.

If you really love oatmeal, you should also try making one of the oatmeal recipes I have on the site.

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Homemade Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread

Making homemade chocolate and hazelnut spread, aka Nutella has always been on my list, but I tried it only recently. It was so delicious, I was sorry I haven’t tried before.

All you need is hazelnuts, cocoa powder, maple syrup, olive oil and bitter-sweet chocolate. It tastes and smells amazing and most importantly, it is so incredibly pure, free of preservatives, processed sweeteners and oils.

The only problem I had was the texture. My food processor is not a super professional one, so it didn’t come out perfectly smooth. Despite that this recipe is a must try.

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Homemade Almond Milk

I discovered the beautiful world of plant-based milk lately and I’m totally in love with it. As I am in love with dairy, don’t get me wrong, a glass of local and organic cow milk, or a bowl of yogurt with honey brings me to heaven.

The first plant-based milk I tried was “oatmeal milk”, which is absolutely amazing, especially warmed a little bit with cocoa powder and maple syrup. After that I started experimenting with almond milk. Yummyyy …. I love its smell, its taste and texture. It has a silky consistency and a subtly sweet nutty flavor. It can be used in smoothies, coffees, to make golden milk,or hot cocoa, pretty much like a normal milk.

Making almond milk is actually an incredibly easy process. It starts with soaking almonds in water overnight, drain and rinse from their soaking water and grind them with fresh water. The liquid drained from the almond meal, is almond milk.

You may enrich the flavor if you like with spices like cinnamon and vanilla, or sweeten it with maple syrup or honey. I prefer the simple one, when the almond flavor is dominant.

Enjoy it with homemade oatmeal cookies, blueberry muffins, or use it to soak overnight oats for breakfast.

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Brownie cookies – every chocolate lover dream cookie

I am a chocolate addicted person. I love having chocolate anytime of the day and in every form, starting from cocoa nibs to chocolate cookies, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate pies, chocolate cakes, well the list is probably endless.

These brownie cookies are exactly what every chocolate lover dreams off. They are crispy on the outside, fudgy in the inside and with an intense chocolate flavour.

The recipe is adapted slightly from Passion for Baking.

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Classic chocolate chips muffins

I like super easy recipes that allow me to toss everything together within minutes. They make busy days easier and my family happier.

The classic chocolate chips muffins recipe is one of them. I make a batch and enjoy it on the mornings during the week(when I want to treat myself, and forget about eating healthy), or bring all them to work and get blamed for ruining everyone’s diet :p

My chocolate chip muffins are very soft, tender and moist on the inside, with a golden and crusty top on the outside. I like them best fresh from the oven, especially on winter days.

If you love muffins as much as I do, you should also make “Super healthy almond mini-muffins“, “Carrot cupcakes with mascarpone and honey frosting“, “Oatmeal and blueberry muffins” or “White chocolate, strawberries and coconut muffins“.

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Homemade Caramel Sauce

Caramel is a beige to dark-brown sauce made by heating a variety of sugars with butter and cream. It is the perfect sauce for ice cream, cakes, cheesecakes, as a filling for chocolate cups, or just to eat it straight from the jar with a spoon.

It is easy and fun to make and can be kept in a jar in the fridge for up to 3 weeks (let come to room temperature or warm in the microwave before using).

You only need 3 simple ingredients to make caramel: sugar, butter and cream. The process is quite simple, you just have to be careful, while you are cooking the sugar, because once it is melted it has a very high temperature. Also, when you add the cream, the mixture will foam up, so use a pan with high sides.

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Oatmeal and walnut cookies

Looking for a delicious cookie to match with your afternoon tea, the best on-the-go breakfast or a great snack full of energy and flavour for hiking? The answer for all is winter cookies 🙂 I called them this way since during winter I bake them very often.

I first made these cookies to enjoy as a snack on hiking. Everyone loved them 🙂

I have made winter cookies so many times since then, so now I can make them with my eyes closed .

Please don’t skip the browning butter part, because it really makes a difference.

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Vegetarian rolls aka sushi made at home

I really like sushi. Who could resist to sticky rice, crunchy veggies, seafood and soy combo. I didn’t mention wasabi, or pickled ginger, since I’m not into them.

I have tried to make sushi at home and really enjoyed the whole process. Or, I should better say I’ve made vegetarian rolls at home, since I do not strictly follow the process of making sushi and I skipped rice vinegar.

This is the basic recipe I usually follow, which you may adapt to your choice. I used avocado and carrot, but you may choose between a variety of veggies and fruits, such as cucumber, mango, asparagus etc. I love to add sesame seeds, and also a little bit of salt. I strongly suggest you to try making it at home, since it is really fun and requires minimum effort, plus the result is amazing and you don’t have to spend a fortune, like when eating in a sushi restaurant.

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